NCCIM host, organizes, and participates in an array of business related activities in the interests of the business community in Malaysia, including those designed for communication and feedback on the public-private sector interface, and the continuing development of links with its counterparts on the global arena (including to develop  working relations with the foreign missions in Malaysia).

The NCCIM philosophy is rooted in the belief of a dynamic and efficacious  public-private interface, on the economic and business related fronts, to make valuable contributions towards the development  and sustainment of a vibrant  and resilient national economic machinery to steer and drive the economic landscape of Malaysia; and towards this end, NCCIM has continuously been in engagement and consultation with the Government on economic issues.

NCCIM reiterates that the public-private sector interface is to be on the “principles of inclusive representation of stakeholders” to ensure constructive consultations that leads to the delivery of optimum policies to drive the nation’s economic challenges and achievements.

NCCIMs Flagship event is the National Economic Forum (NEF) – a biennial event; and thus far it has been held on 2017 and 2019.

NCCIM also strongly promulgate the strategic importance of National Integrity as it underpins the realization of a dynamic, vibrant and competitive economic ecosystem, which add value to Malaysia’s attractiveness as an FDI destination.

NCCIM activities targeted towards enhancing National Integrity entail “MOMENTS OF UNITY” and “Festive Open Houses” – as set out below:
MOMENTS OF UNITY - A morning at the Lake Gardens with YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia; the programme entailed an orchestrated exercise session, speeches and a unity video. It was an attendance of 10,000 from the business community, students and Government officials. It ended with a late brunch for everyone.
MOMENTS OF UNITY 2.0 Raising of National Flag
NCCIM Chinese New Year Open House 2019