The Asia Business Creation (ABC) Platform was initiated and managed by the KANSAI ECONOMIC FEDERATION (Kankeiren), Osaka, Japan.

● Established between Kansai and 7 Asean countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippine). NCCIM is a participant to the ABC.

● Launched in April 2019, Osaka

● Website:

The website offers insights as to what ABC Platform is about; and Malaysan businesses, with interests in the Japanese Markets, are encouraged to visit this website.

ABC is beyond what we talk of in the sense of “simple business matching”. It is a structured approach and framework to facilitate and enhance business creation – covering 7 areas HR Development/Utilisation, Medical/Nursing Care, SMEs, Agriculture, Tourism, Environment, and Start-Ups.

The 7 areas are structured as 7 technical working groups (TWGs):

● In each area, the business needs and offerings are considered.

● The challenges and business opportunities are considered.

● Each member country can have representation in the TWGs.

● Companies/businesses can be invited to make their offerings/business needs in the TWGs.

● Business matching/meetings are arranged therefrom.

NCCIM is in the process of establishing a local Chapter Working Group and focal point on the ABC:

● To enable better representation and participation in the ABC, especially the TWGs.

● To assist and facilitate Malaysian businesses to tap on the opportunities in ABC Platform.