NCCIM Business Action Group (NBAG)

NCCIM has established a NCCIM Business Action Group (NBAG), to be the collective voice of the business community, and to provide timely constructive feedback and proposals on the nation’s policies that governs the national economic and business ecosystem, including that at the level of the states.

The other related objectives include:

1.1 To provide a structured and coherent channel, platform and conduit for businesses to voice their economic and business related concerns and expectations.

1.2 To provide the flexibility in the deliberations of economic and business related concerns and expectations in terms of Industry Sectors, Essential Resources and Regional Industry issues.

1.3 To ensure timely submissions of issues to the Government and to seek for engagements with the relevant level of the Government and its agencies; at Federal and, if necessary, at the State level.

1.4 To provide collective inputs to the formulation process of Government policies; and to make swift and timely responses to the announcements of new Government policies and initiatives.

1.5 To deploy the constructive use of Media coverage to ensure awareness of issues being raised with the Government

1.6 To encourage Trade Associations to participate and affiliate/associate themselves to the NBAG to enable the realisation of an efficacious delivery of the  collective voice of businesses.

The prime rule of NBAG stipulates that discussions/deliberations are to be within the confines of economic and business related issues – strict compliance is expected.

The intent is to have a good spread and depth of economic and business related issues to be considered – with adequate reach to the ground level.

The intent of the outcomes is not limited to just swift Press Statements, but proper submissions to the Government and its related agencies at Federal and State level. Proper engagement and follow through are expected.