The Governing body of NCCIM is the GENERAL COUNCIL, with 6 nominees from each of its 5 constituent chambers.

The NCCIM Leadership comprises of the President (who is a President of a Constituent chamber) and 5 Vice Presidents (who are also Presidents of the other constituent chambers, in the case of the chamber that holds the presidency, it will be the Deputy President or Vice President of that chamber).

The Affairs of NCCIM is managed by an EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – a group of 16; comprising the President, 5 Vice Presidents and 2 representatives from each of the constituent chambers who have been nominated to sit in the General Council.

The Secretary General, appointed by the President is an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee; and is tasked with the overseeing the operations of the Secretariat and the execution of the decisions made by the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer, appointed by the President from among the members of the Executive Committee; is responsible for the accounts, including the keeping of proper records and reporting of the statement of accounts.

All Working Committees, including special committees, report to the President and Executive Committee.

NCCIM manages the Malaysian Chapter of Bilateral Joint Business Councils (JBC), established under the auspice of NCCIM and its bilateral counterpart; and the Malaysian Chapter reports to the Executive Committee
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NCCIM Comradeship after EXCO Meeting - over a cup of tea
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