I am proud to take over the helm of the NCCIM Leadership now in 2022 whereby the national chamber had just celebrated its 60 years of milestones and achievements with a big Anniversary Gala Dinner graced by the Malaysian Prime Minister, YB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Bin Yaakob and attended by about 800 over local business leaders, Malaysian senior government representatives and foreign dignitaries.

I take note that at this time, the NCCIM and its 5 constituent chambers, together with the rest of the world, is still struggling with the challenges of the global pandemic and its aftermath. It is now more important for the business community to come together and collaborate and face the challenges while looking for opportunities.

From the ground up, the NCCIM represents the business community and is a platform and network to facilitate the discussion, reflecting growing business and trade in Malaysia. NCCIM provides a forum to debate on how COVID has affected the way we work and do business and how Malaysian businesses can build and rethink how things are done.

Bringing all private sectors together is extremely vital at this time. The NCCIM is about finding commonalities to build resilient businesses, creating and sustaining wealth, providing jobs and fulfilment while improving ‘Rakyat’ lives. We need to take cognizance of the changes we have lived through and how we are going to improve things moving forward. At the NCCIM, we foster civilized debate amongst our constituent chambers who are from the most diverse pool of business people, always with respect for other points of view. We uphold the NCCIM values of accountability, shared prosperity, trust and unity.

In addition, the NCCIM is also a platform to share and showcase success stories of Malaysian businesses.

As per the newly crafted Vision “Malaysia’s Apex Business Chamber Leading Sustainable Prosperity” and Mission “We Shape and Deliver World Class Ecosystem to Build Capacity in our Business Community”, NCCIM will continue its effort to optimize its competence and capacity to represent, promote and be the voice of the business community on the home and global business front; and NCCIM is also committed to complementing the efforts of the Government by providing feedback on all business aspects to produce business friendly government policies with the aim to steer Malaysia to attain significant outcomes in the local and global markets.

NCCIM truly believes in the concept of ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ – where a family that stands together, wins together. And remember that what matters to the Malaysian business, matters to NCCIM. Let us strive for a stronger economy for the nation!